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Agri Farm Painters
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Castledermot Road Carlow

Washing, Cleaning and Painting Farm Sheds Throughout County Carlow

The Agri Farm Painters team provides unrivalled service for power washing and painting sheds, farm sheds, hay sheds, barns, and other types of outbuildings throughout the Carlow region in Ireland. You can learn more about their farm painting specialists by calling 059 910 0498 to schedule a free and quick estimate for spray painting your shed in Carlow.

They use a range of materials from high-quality power washing products include algae removals, to industry-approved primer and oxide paints to help prevent further rusting to your farm shed.

Cleaning Sheds and Farms

They provide an excellent power washing service for cleaning sheds and farms throughout County Carlow. These services include algae removal, red moss, dirt and stains from both residential farm buildings and commercial buildings. This service extends to farm yards which includes sealing and fixing tarmac and asphalt surfacing, blocked drains, damaged gulleys and more.

Painting Services

They provide options on the type of oxide paint you would like to use, with both types being excellent at preventing further rust damage to your cladding and sheeting.

Which primer to use is a matter of personal preference, and some primers contain both ingredients. Both types of primer are used for industrial applications, including aircraft, marine and automotive uses. Painting with a primer creates a consistent, adherent surface for further coats of protective or decorative paint.

Zinc Oxide Primer

Zinc oxide primer is a modern evolution of the zinc chromate primer that was widely used in the aircraft industry of the 1940s. Zinc oxide primer is highly regarded for its ability to resist corrosion. The primer is naturally translucent with a yellowish tint but is also available in pigmented variations.

Red Oxide Primer

Red oxide primer serves the same function as zinc oxide primer but has a different chemical composition. It is highly regarded for its durability, and as the name implies, is red in colour.

Get help with farm painting in Carlow

Not sure what type of paint or how to proceed with the remedial and restoration work on your shed? Call Lawrence and his Agri Farm Painters team on 059 910 0498 to book a free estimate in County Carlow for farm painting.


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